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Edmond J. Safra & Joseph S. Jemal Synagogues


Rosh Hodesh Elul will be celebrated Monday & Tuesday, August 9 & 10 

Friday, August 6th  - 28 Ab
Shir Hashirim & Minha  - Safra Syn. 6:30 & 7:40 pm 
Shir Hashirim & Minha  - Jemal Syn. 7:15 am
Candle Lighting  -  7:47 pm
Shabbat, August 7th –  29 Ab
Early Minyan E.J.Safra Syn L.L. - 6:20 am
Rabbi Ashear: Breakfast class on the parasha followed by Daf Yomi class at 9:15 am
Rabbi Nathan Escava: Perasha in depth
Rabbi Leon Hazan: Weekly Perasha
First Minyan J.S. Jemal Syn  - 6:45 am
 Rabbi Isaac Farhi & Rabbi Raymond Harari
Breakfast & Class with R’ Raymond Harari
Main Minyan E.J. Safra Syn  - 8:00 am - Rabbi Isaac Farhi & Cantor Yehiel Nahari
Youth Minyan J.S. Safra LL (ages 5-13) - 9:00 am -  Rabbi Ovadia Alouf
9:15 Minyan J.S. Jemal Syn  - 9:15 am -  Rabbi Joey Mizrahi
Teen Minyan J.S. Jemal L.L  - 9:15 am – Rabbi Ikey Tawil
Minha Gedolah  - 2:00 pm
Rabbi Isaac Farhi – Perashat Hashabua
Rabbi David Ashear: Afternoon 45 minutes of Halacha followed by 1 hour of Gemara
Rabbi Nathan Escava –two hours before Minha  - halacha & 1 hour before minha Navi Shemuel
Rabbi Leon Hazan – One Hour before Minha -  Halacha Class
Minha followed by Seuda Shelisheet 7:20 pm
Michtam L'David 8:25 pm
Arbit 8:30 pm
Shabbat ends -  8:47 pm

CLICK HERE For High Holiday Seat Form
 Attention All:
We are now processing reservations for Holiday seats. We will G-d willing be having three minyanim this year as the Holidays are early in the season. Early reservations are essential for us to assign Holiday Seats in a fair and equitable manner.   
Rosh Hashanah will be on Tuesday & Wednesday September 7 & 8.
Yom Kippur will be on Thursday September 16. 
First preference will go to lifetime seat holders, provided that reservations are made by August 15.  Lifetime seat holders should not assume that they automatically have their seats reserved for the Holidays. Please contact the office to assure your seats. 
No reservations can be accepted unless ALL open balances and membership dues are paid.  
Seat reservations may be made in person at the Synagogue office, or by mail and must be accompanied by full payment. Email reservations are also accepted provided that you pay by credit card. The Synagogue email is: 
Seat request forms have been emailed out, or you may see our website for form. 
Tizku LeShanim Rabot!


Mon, August 2 2021 24 Av 5781