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Edmond J. Safra & Joseph S. Jemal Synagogues

Turnberry Village & Porto Vita Minyan

Yartzait of Rachel Imenu is 11 Hesvan 5780

 On the 11th of Cheshvan, (this year Shabbat November 9th) the anniversary of Rachel's passing, we commemorate and try to learn from the intense compassion a human being can express towards another . A compassion that allows for the development of a true, objective perspective on life by seeing the positive sparks of holiness inherent in humanity and in the world. A compassion that does not question the deservedness of the recipient to receive mercy, but rather emulates God's boundless mercy, thus allowing God to respond in kind, showering us with compassion and ultimate redemption.




 Shabbat Lech Lecha Prayer & Class schedule 

Shabbat Lech lecha

Friday November 8th

Shahrit  - 7:00 am

 Minha & Shir Hashirim - 4:25 pm

Candle Lighting - 4:27 pm

Shabbat November 9th

Shahrit  - 8:15 am

Rabbi’s Class - after Habdalah

Minha followed by Seuda Shelisheet - 5:15 pm

Arbit - 5:10 pm

Shabbat Ends - 5:26


Shabbat Shalom!

Tue, November 12 2019 14 Cheshvan 5780