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Edmond J. Safra & Joseph S. Jemal Synagogues



Rosh Hodesh Tamuz will be celebrated on Thursday & Friday June 10 & 11


We are pleased announce that there are lockers availabe to reserve! 
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Friday June 11th - Rosh Hodesh Tamuz

Shir Hashirim & Minha  - Safra Syn. 6:30 & 7:40 pm 

Candle Lighting ………….. 8:08  pm

Shabbat  June 12th - 2 Tamuz

Shahrit E.J. Safra Syn  -  6:45 am

Shahrit E.J. Safra Syn  -  8:00 am

Minha Gedolah  - 2:00 pm

Rabbi’s Class - 6:40 pm

Minha followed by Seuda Shelisheet - 7:40 pm

Arbit - 8:50 pm

Shabbat ends -  9:08 pm


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Peace at all Cost

This week’s Perasha describes the most famous dispute in the Torah, in which Korah and his followers challenged the leadership of Moshe Rabenu. After Korah, Datan and Abiram brazenly initiated the dispute with Moshe and Aaron, Moshe attempted to make peace with them. He first tried to appease Korah, and when that failed, he turned to Datan and Abiram.

"And Moshe called for Datan and Abiram the sons of Eliav..."Rashi, tells us that Moshe was attempting to appease them with divrei Shalom (words of peace). The Midrash derives from here that one should never persist in a dispute, rather he should try to make peace.

It is noteworthy that the Torah taught this lesson in the context of the dispute between Korah's group and Moshe. This was a dispute in which Korah's group were clearly guilty for initiating the dispute and had conducted themselves in a deplorable manner. Nonetheless, Moshe did not hesitate in attempting to appease them. Moshe's actions in this incident serve as a powerful lesson for all other disputes. In almost all disputes, each protagonist tends to place all the guilt on his adversary. Consequently, they both refuse to compromise, insisting that the other side must give in, or apologize. They must learn from Moshe's conduct in his dispute - he tried to make peace even though he was genuinely free of blame.

Accordingly, it befits everyone who finds themselves in a dispute to accept responsibility for his role in its escalation. When one does this, it will be easier for him to focus on his responsibility in this regard, rather than that of his adversary. By doing this, he should recognize that he needs to rectify his mistakes, and ignore the failings of his 'enemy.' This attitude will help him emulate Moses' actions in appeasing Datan and Abiram.

During the course of a person's life, it is inevitable that he will come into some form of conflict with other people. When this happens, the person has a vital choice to make: He can validate his own behavior and stubbornly refuse to admit any shortcomings; or he can swallow his pride, be the 'bigger' person, and initiate reconciliation. By taking the second option, the person emulates Moshe Rabenu - he was willing to approach Datan and Abiram despite the fact that they were totally at fault. All the more so this should be the case in all other disputes when both sides must assume responsibility for the dispute. Such conflicts are not limited to major arguments; they also include common 'disagreements' between spouses, and small spats amongst friends, colleagues, students etc. When a person refuses to budge in such incidents, he only succeeds in prolonging and increasing the bitterness. However, by emulating Moshe, a person will ensure that the Shalom will prevail.


Rabbi Isaac Farhi



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